To receive someone or something, to accept…

Reception is an opening: what is collected or received in this way is made to enter a house, a group, oneself. Welcoming means getting involved by expressing a further nuance with respect to the good custom of hospitality which, in fact, can only be a good custom. Those who welcome share something of their own, offer themselves, open up to each other and even if the welcome of an old Sicilian friend may seem alien to the welcome of a Japanese acquaintance, they remain the same phenomenon, different only because the people and cultures and their way of opening up, their way of letting in are different”.


“We are Sara, Alessandro, Valentina, Silvia and Jacopo”

Two words about us.

You know the game, if you were an animal what animal would you be? Well, if we asked ourselves :” if you were a job, what job would you be? we would probably respond as managers of a residence or holiday homes.

We have all worked for many years in tourism with different tasks. However, my colleagues and I have recognized ourselves more in this type of hospitality, because it offers a different autonomy and independence compared to the hotel, which has taught us a lot, but which probably doesn’t resemble us much. Renting a house instead of a room gives us the opportunity to establish a more familiar relationship with our guests. Through their needs, we understand their habits and what makes them feel good and we anticipate them.

We are lucky. We found each other as a team and we found our way and finding it means having that fuel that never makes you count the hours and that puts a smile on your face, always and in spite of everything; it means having that energy that always makes you want to grow and learn and that never lets you give up.

These are us😉.



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