• SELF SERVICE (those who wash clothes, help themselves or fill up with petrol by themselves)
  • SELF LEARNING (who studies alone)
  • SELF MADE (who made himself)
  • SELF CONTROL (How to forget Raf’s song 😊)
  • SELFIE (those who take their own pictures)

Here are the words that start with SELF that almost everyone knows.

The bottom line is that if one can wash clothes in a laundromat while filling up the car. Then he comes back and, while he graduates from home, he takes a selfie while he serves pasta, so he finds a job and does it himself, always maintaining self-control in all of this… then it will be necessary to invent the self-check-in…

We would like to have invented it, but that’s not the case… but we were among the first to use it because guests can arrive whenever they want. Before, after and during. He doesn’t have the anxiety of the delayed flight or the traffic on the ring road or he can unload luggage and tired children, in peace.

It’s fast, convenient and ingenious. A little worried about how it works? Don’t worry, it’s child’s play… or rather children’s play.

Self Check-in

Convenience at your fingertips… All our guests can be free to arrive when they want and use the convenient self check-in!

How to do? Don’t worry, it’s child’s play… indeed, child’s play!